Sweden’s Obsession With Leggings…


THIS fashion I really don’t get.

Honestly, leggings? Really? You have nothing else to wear than leggings? Look, I’ll be honest, I wore leggings for the 80’s and a good part of the 90’s as well… But… for my defence I was a child and not exactly the one choosing my clothes… if I have been I would definitely NOT have worn them. You see that’s why I don’t really understand why people would choose to wear them, and the thing is, Swedish people don’t just wear the boring black or marine blue ones… oh no that would be too… boring! They love wearing ones with cuts in the side, bits cut out, crazy patterns and colours… you name it, they have it in legging form.

Arghhhhhhh I mean they dress well I will admit that… but they still wear leggings. I think it should be outlawed. I can however seek solace in the fact that I know in the near future (REAL Swedish winter time) they will no longer be able to wear them (at least I hope anyway).

The thing is, some Swedes are very skinny, I mean sure most Swedes are thin, blond and sexy TRUE, but some are really skinny… like anorexic. These girls wear these leggings… and I can promise you, it ain’t pretty! I swear to you, it is sometimes truly horrifying!

Leggings accentuate your legs… obviously, in a way that either make you look better (which in leggings in my opinion is impossible) or makes you look worse… and there are various degrees of worse! Anorexic girls… like obese girls, do not look good in leggings… or at least, look ten times worse than average girls wearing them.

Anyway, on a less depressing note, I’m sure the “legging wearing Swedes” are greatly appreciated by the male populace… because wearing leggings means undoubtably wearing something very short over (or nothing at all!)… so viva the legging and viva mini skirts! (for all you men out there!)


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