Sex and the City…

Or sex in any city I mean. I bet you’re already salivating at the prospect of reading about the sordid details of my sexual prouesses. Well wipe you’re mouth, it’s not that kinda post… sorry all you ray-ban wearing computer geeks out there! (I can always recommend some good sites if you are really looking for a “fun ending” to your evening (or if you’re trying to shake things up, mid-afternoon).

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but every time I go on a streaming website (don’t get you’re hopes up again, I mean when I watch television series’) I get these little boxes pop up saying stuff like “Hey sexy, I’m also in Stockholm at the moment. What to meet up for hot sex?” OR “Hello, my name is Stephanie and I just arrived in Stockholm too. Wanna meet up?”.

Now, firstly… you probably won’t believe me, so I have included a screen shot on this post… It shows part of the screen of what I’m watching (which is surprise surprise Sex and the City) and the “sexy” pop up add. You should see the photos of the women too. Hilarious. They look like women from a bad porno circa the early nineties. Ha ha ha! They wear tube tops and scrunchies (which might not shock my male reader, but… well… the evidence speaks for itself… scrunchie women = not sexy… not at all). I mean sure, they have breasts, so the majority or the red blooded male population this earth has to offer, will probably pull their trousers up and take a shot at it. Well… not me. I’m not a man, and even if I was, I would definitely not choose a women who looks like character of the Brady Bunch gone bad (well if they ever went bad… lol).

I don’t know many men who found the actors of Little House on the Prairie sexy… thus I definitely don’t want their prostitute counterparts on my screen telling me I look “cute” and ask me if I was to “hang out”. Neither do I ever just “hang” with anyone, and nor  do I feel the uncontrollable desire to click on this msn looking pop up for some… masturbatory “happy time!”

I’m even surprised they haven’t offered free massages! Arghhhhh! I don’t know what this irrites me to much but it just does.

Breath Roxy breath. Ha! Ok, well for all those who have arrived up to this point in this post, I congratulate you. For that, you will be the lucky ones to know a couple of interesting sexual titbits from the Stockholm University Erasmus Population. Well… since I never talk about my personal experiences, because let’s face it, it’s known of your damn business… and well, I like my secrets. BUT, all I can say, is that some people (and yes I am looking at the southern European and south American people!) have been having quite the time of their lives lately… that said… the French and Germans from what I’ve seen and heard have been getting their “happy endings” just like those Chinese massage therapist promised…



Me, Myself & My Sexy Screen-Shot!



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  1. kings

    oh dear Roxy oh dear, shakes head in disapproval* haha as a Ray Ban wearing computer nerd as myself will point out, you need some adblock software, if you use firefox download the adblock plus add-on. NERD TIME OVER. Oh one more thing if you want a good site for shows try, its a nerds best kept secret. On the other hand how have you come across such saucy escapades of others 😉 haha. See i told you i’d comment.

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