10 Things I Love about Sweden! (and a few things I hate!)

Well why not share what’s amazing (and what isn’t) about Sweden?

1 ) I love being able to buy coffee (and cakes!) everywhere and anywhere!

2 ) Swedish architecture! (Never underestimate a well designed building. What I mean to say, when I visit a town, I want to see how it has been changed and influenced historically through architecture!)

3 ) Shopping in Stockholm! Yes yes I know it’s cliché, a woman shopping, but shopping in Sweden is more fun and there is far more selection than in Toulouse (and more variety! Who want’s to end up looking the same? YES I’m looking at you French frogs!)

4 ) The food. Yum. Yum. Yum. The Swedes aren’t good at pick’n’mix sweets… but they sure know their cakes! Delicious!

5 ) The people (obviously). Now they are very very kind… outgoing? Not so much, but in any case they are extremely lovely!

6 ) University schedules. No really. I have four hours of lessons a week! (A WEEK!) Jealous anyone?

7 ) The nightlife! No yes I do hate paying entry to clubs (140kr a tad overpriced maybe?) but most of them are worth it (beautiful decor and good music)

8 ) Cruises. Cheap fun and you get to travel. What’s not to like?

9 ) Walking around Stockholm taking photos.

10 ) The fact that everything is clean and feels so untouched.


And finally a few things I hate…

1 ) The weather. I’m sorry, but arghhhhh so cold!

2 ) The price of everything! WHY DO I FEEL SO POOR?

3 ) Paying entrance FOR EVERYTHING!

4 ) The fact that the bus/metro card per month is so expensive!

5) and finally why Swedish people generally don’t come up and talk to foreign people. It’s shame because it’s always nice to meet different people!



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3 responses to “10 Things I Love about Sweden! (and a few things I hate!)

  1. Tim

    as I said, we don’t come up and talk to strangers because they might, after all, be rabid murderers and we like living. Better safe than sorry <- Swedish mentality.

  2. In 98, I lived in Gothenburg (Mölndal) for about a year and have for shorter periods have lived in Stockholm and Oslo. I love how there are so many attractive women and they’re smart and not very materialistic. I loved the houses, their design and sturdiness. I loved the transparency and efficiency of the Swedish government as opposed to the Obama & Bush liars administrations. I liked the food, the water and how well educated the people are. I feel that the US, since it was populated by virtually the same type of people, Anglo-Saxons, linguistic and blood-kin to the Scandinavians (The Angles come from Jutland and all Germanic-speaking peoples ultimately come from DK or southern Sweden, what Roman historian called [Sweden], “vagina gentium”, “womb of nations” from which issued Goths, Burgundians (Bornholm, in Icelandic it’s called “Borgundarholmur”) and from DK, the Cimbrians (Kimbrians, from northern Jutland, Himmerland) and Teutons, Vandals, etc. even the greatest Anglo-Saxonliterary work takes place in the original homelands of Sweden and Denmark. NorthAmerica could have been so great but it is too big, too pluralistic, too politically correctm the government too corrupt, the politicians too corrupt, government too greedy, corrupt and anti-business and most of out taxes go to fund the illegal invaders and squatters from south of the border. The US should have kept the Federal Immigration Act of 1790. Diversity can be overrated.
    Even though Sweden has a fairly socialistic government, it seems to be efficient and benevolent and the Swedish people are upright, trustworthy, and painfully honest and law-abiding.
    Some things I did not like, Swedes, when not drunk, Swedes can be stiff, shy and unfriendly. Swedes tend NOT to question authority. I hated the fact one cannot get OTC med’s from any store except the monopolitstic “Apoteket”. Also, don’t like the Systembolaget. Prices are high, but the US has caught up and we get much less for our taxes as the money is siphoned off for fake bailouts and to fund and encourage the illegal invaders/squatters from Mexico and Central-America in hopes of granting them citizenship so they’ll become Democrats. (I am not a republican, I am a right-leaning Libertarian, constitutional-originalist) I love the language, it hasn’t too much inflected grammar (like Icelandic) to make it hard to learn but it has preserved many of the ancient Germanic paradigms quite well. I love summer, if not rainy, the looooooooooooong daylight-hours. It’s a very safe land too, but they decided to ruin their nice little nation and open it up to too many foreigners who cannot or will not contribute much and not not easily assimilated. After all what makes Sweden great is the Swedes, no institution, systems, rules, laws matter if you haven’t good, smart, honest people to follow them. Did you know that Finland has much higher per capita gunownership rate than the United States, why so little crime, they don’t have a third-world country invading their southern border and they’re virtually all Scadinavian Nordics or East-Baltics. No, I am not politically correct, but it is time to face up to reality, all the nations that are Nordic with very few nonwhites are doing well, why, nordics are sober, forwardthinking and intelligent, plus they need NOT waste all that time and money on bullshit diversity-programs and lawsuits becuase some minority felt insulted. Same goes for Japan and Korea, they’re homogeneous and doing well. There is something to be said for tribalism.
    Ken Doig
    Belmont, CA and Bass Lake, CA (in the Sierra)

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