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Bored : No Comment.

I’m at work. And my boss… has disappeared somewhere without giving me anything to do… which makes me feel sort of arkward… should I walk around aimlessly looking for him, or should I pretend to be busy while sitting at my desk? Question is… why don’t I contact him? I already have… no reply. I’ve already gone for 2 coffees, and a casual “I’m bored… I’ll walk around at a fast past looking busy”… to no avail. I am still, at my desk… surfing art blogs looking for inspiration… all the while I have been sitting at my desk… doing sweet F-A.

I think I am going to get up and go back to his office again. But that dude runs around so often… I can’t go around the whole museum looking for him… I mean there are five floors and like a million square feet.

I realise I realise I’m screwed. Damn.


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