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And off I go… to Paris !

Short post today… after a few changes in cities, and countries… my new adventure will be in Paris… I’ll be going for my studies… but it’s all hush hush… let’s say, I’ll be drawing a lot more… ha ha ha So now, I have to find a place to say. Safe to say, that’s hard. I’ve been getting many mails from 40 year old men wanting to share “one room apartments only women”… can’t say I’ll be accepting… so my new mission is finding a place to live!!! Don’t want to be living under a bridge… I’m not that “avant garde”! But, now it’s the summer, more time, so be expecting more posts (and more often). My lack on internet connexion this year has been awful… but damn it, I didn’t want to pay… so… yeah… my fault! 🙂 If you have any help for anything Paris, comment!




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