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I’m a metaphorical hot-dog… and I’m not sure how I feel about it…

I have been trying to start a blog post for a few days now (since I seem to have some free time)… and I have started writing twice and nada. My brain was visibly not having it. But I now feel as though I have found deliverance, and I have the combination of music and concentration to thank for it.

The school year is finished pour moi and I am contemplating my future. I have passed a state exam, and I have been excepted into the french equivalent to the Royal Academy of Art… excited? I am… but the prospect of another three to five years study is, if I may say so myself a bit daunting. (Some people may think that studying is lovely, and I do love to study… but I have studied. I have been studying for more than five years now. I have a degree in history… as well as history of art… and I have been in prep school for art for a year… and to be completely honest I would greatly like to get a job and pay for myself… and not have to rely on my parents. Some I agree do not have that luck, and I realise I am extremely lucky… but still persists the lagging feeling in the back of my head that is jumping up and down telling me I am a 24 year old student and I should grow the hell up and get a job….

That is why I feel that I am some sort of metaphorical hot-dog… sandwiched in between the things I want to do, and the things I have to do before I can get a job. The real question is that if I were a metaphorical hot-dog… what toppings would I have?

Right now, I am definitely thinking that I’d have some sort of relish… because there is a slightly acidic after taste in my mouth every time I think that I’ll start looking for a job when i’ll be 27 years old… there will probably be ketchup owing to the sugary hope that is giving me the strength to carry on studying… mustard? That is probably what I need to add, I need to spice my life up a tad !

The only thing missing is a light dusting of dried onion slices… the many tears of frustration that will be plaguing the next three years!


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