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Relax in the sun

You should relax in the sun and drink wine. Like me!



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New blog!

So ladies and gents. Don’t fret but I have a new blog. And it’s flat. Black. Paper. And can be carried in your pocket! My new moleskine! But I shall always be writing here. But in this one will be various notes and other shot I wrote about which I won’t publish. It is also full of sketches and art work working on. That I can post up here too.



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Sometimes it would be so much easier to in away and leave everything behind. I mean I know you leave behind the good. But you also leave the bad. Loin du cœur loin des yeux. So to speak. Time heals all wounds. And so if I ran away. Then with time I would forget. I’m no thinking of one think in particular. But when you think about it. I feel as though I’ve been here too long. If left too much of myself in the air or something. This is why I move every year to somewhere new. I feel that I’ve been here too long. Fuck man. It’s been 2 years. I mean maybe 3 years in total. But far too long. I’ve never lived somewhere for this long. You get comfortable. You have that usual place to go to eat. Get coffee. Read the paper. Eat food. Listen to music etc. You end up seeing the ugly mugs of people you’ve a hundred times. See the same places you’ve seen a thousand times. Tasted the same things a million times. No. It’s time for changed. But I am unluckily tied here for another year and a half. But soon soon I shall run away again. Oh god can’t I wait.

What’s great when you move. Is that sense if rediscovery. Everything is new. You push yourself more in order to feel at ease. Meet new people. Etc. that is so nice. I don’t want to be that person who stays in a rut. On that person who you always see at the bar, and that you ask yourself every time you see them “haven’t they got something else to do apart from sit here day to day?”

No on wants to be mr predictable. Being predictable isn’t sexy but being too unpredictable is the same thing. You need balance. But I still prefer a little unbalance and a bit more excitement that sitting in a rut.

On I shall go. Discovering new things and this year I shall be trying new things and new experiences too. Applying for a new visa and then who knows where I shall land? I wouldn’t mind working in Canada… Bali? India? Who knows!!!! Ahhhhh so exciting!

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Reading an old book, and found this…

“That’s the problem with alcohol, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens, you drink in an attempt to forget. If something good happens, you drink in order to celebrate, and if nothing happens, you drink to make something happen.”


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07/29/2014 · 1:53 am


Well, short post to say thank you to all of you who are following my blog, liking my posts, subscribing and just being all lovely and coming to visit me. Today, we are already at 72 views! That may not be much for some, but every single one of you is a gift. Cheers! You make writing more enjoyable, and knowing that someone, anyone is reading the words I wrote is a really a great feeling! Cheers! xxx

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07/28/2014 · 9:34 pm

I created a monster…

This is a design I have done for my friends band today. For those interested, it’s ink on paper, with various filters I made and retouching the hell out of it on photoshop and voila : “Kuato Lives” monster. Or should I say my first try since no one can decide on exactly how they want it. In any case, I’m pretty pleased with the process so far.



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I’m more than ok

Something changed today. It feels like a breeze on my skin. It’s change. Usually you say these kinds of thing in Spring, but I feel a snake that’s shed its skin. Something changed. A great weight has been lifted. Maybe it’s the music I’ve been listening, or the people I’ve been with. I don’t know but I feel so good. So fucking happy. I truly do. I’m in one of those moods to fucking run through fields of poppies screaming. But I won’t because I am afraid of snakes lurking in the grass. And I don’t really want to scream. But I do want to smile like a dopey fucker. Maybe it’s just that I’m in love. I’m in love with life again. It totally sounds lame. But I am. I hope anyone reading this feels this way, or has felt this way.

I’m a helium balloon… up up up and up!

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