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Can you Change ?

Change is one of those words that has a really strange definition. I mean sure we know what it means. It apparently means “To cause to be different”, but what is its connotation ? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Sure life isn’t all black and white, but we human-beings need to define what we do. I know killing someone is bad. Stealing is bad (even Robin Hood knew that). I also know that helping an old lady cross the road is good (not that they always want help, something I have just learnt). But is change necessarily a positive thing ?

I’ve changed. I know I have, and in some cases I am so happy I have. I mean, I don’t want to be that spotty insecure girl I used to be. I know that I am more independent than I ever was and even though I am far from perfect, I am kinda proud of the person that I have become. I have come to realise through the years that there’s no point having regrets. People say you can’t change the past, and it’s true. You can’t. But you can remedy the past. Sooth old wounds and try again. I’ve made mistakes and some I don’t want to repair for many reasons : sometimes I don’t care any more, sometimes I don’t want to think about that time any more and sometimes because there is nothing you can do that will remedy the situation or the past. But what’s left is to try, at least if you want to.

So change has a positive aspect and a negative aspect.

I don’t want to bang on about it any longer, but travelling is in my opinion what truly makes people better. We meet different people and we strive to understand the other person or culture, sometimes we don’t succeed, sometimes we do. But in some aspects I don’t think it really matters as long as you try. I have some friends (and I have done this too) that insist on rehashing the past, going back again and again to a certain point or event. I suppose that it is important from time to time to talk about a particular point that may have been painful, but do we have to ? What I mean to say is that at some point, haven’t we said everything there is to say ? Even as a historian I know that you can twist and turn the past to understand every angle but that doesn’t help to understand that particular point. Sometimes stepping away from the past help us better understand the present (cf : change) but also helps us understand the past. I believe it’s called maturity (which is hurray a positive thing!)

I look back and wonder why I have done certain actions, but knowing the” why” doesn’t necessarily fix the pain someone has felt or could have felt. Understanding the “why” gives us a better idea or the issue, but doesn’t offer any answer.

At the moment I am looking back as well as forward not only to better myself but also to better understand how I can help others. I know that sounds pompous but I think change can only be positive if applied well. I want to do the best I can. I want to be someone not only I can be proud of but also the people I love. I study the past but I refuse to stay there all my life. Life is what you make it and changing for the best is an integral part of that.




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Confess Your Sins : Oh Fuck… It’s Nearly January…



Well it’s that time of year. You know what I mean. It’s that when we all pretend we will “change” and make conscious decisions to do so (even though it’s all baloney anyway). Well, I have never ever written any “New Years Resolutions”, but maybe this year is finally the year to do it after all. You are probably asking why at the tender age of twenty one (nearly twenty two I might add!) I have made this decision. Well, after much consideration I shall tell you.

Because for a longest time, I don’t think I really knew what it was to truly be happy. Well I am happy now. Practically every element of my life is under control, and… in nearly every ¬†aspect of my life (I stress the nearly part, those who know me well know what that actually means) is as I want it. In any case, sometimes it is a good opportunity to see what you can improve in your life, and give you goals… that said, I don’t think it necessarily has to be in January that decisions should be made to reorganise ones life, but I suppose it’s a good start. So here goes :

1 ) Do the best I can, and stop procrastinating,

2 ) Drink less coffee (probably shouldn’t have bought a Nespresso machine should I? Mmmm…)

3 ) Go running more often, and not just once a week,

4 ) Be more patient and expect less from people in order not to be disappointed,

5 ) Talk it out and not to bottle things in,

6 ) Dress more feminine and stop wearing “rock” clothing,

7 ) Eat fish (apparently it’s good for you and has Omega 3… still tastes like shit though),

8 ) Stop mixing different types of alcohol (should have done things years ago!),

9 ) Try (come on Roxy TRY!) and really this time, not to be “critical” with the way people act, they can do what the hell they want, it’s not your problem if they act like jackasses (which leads to my next point),

10 ) Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve, be “mysterious”…

11 ) Work harder, better, faster!

12 ) … (I’ll probably find more things I’m useless at doing!)


I would ask for your input but I’m afraid to ask… ūüėČ what about you guys, what are you going to try to do this year?

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The disadvantage for men not knowing the past, is that they do not know the present – G.K. Chesterton (1933)


Delacroix - La Liberte Guidan le Peuple

You are all probably asking yourselves why my blog has suddenly taken a more serious note. Well… all good things come to those who are¬†patient.

So who is¬†Gilbert Keith Chesterton? I don’t know. Go look on wikipedia! No I’m joking! He is a very well known writer (well he is well known if you happen to read a book once in a while, to all those lazy people out there, grab a book once and a while, you might learn something new!) Anyhow, I’m not here to write about him per say… but what this particular quote really means.

You all know I study history… which among other things, is a great passion. A lot of people ask me why I study history. Why would someone care about the past, when the future is what most subjects strive to make better? Well, because the past is like a never ending example, one that enables us (hopefully!) to learn from our mistakes, and sadly through trail and error. But the main idea, for me is that we try and make our present (and our future) a better place. The human race has existed for so long now, that I can’t help but feel that we no longer have the excuse that we do not know what is happening next. A leap into the unknown now is practically impossible. We discover less and less new things (well I can’t help but feel) every day… and yet more and more of our world is being destroyed.

Anyhow, what does this quote mean? For me it proves that most people don’t know the past : their own personal history or collective. I was once told that you can only know who you are by looking to the people who preceded you. Well… sadly I don’t exactly agree. I know some bits about my family, but not a crazy amount, and nor do I feel less of a person because I don’t know enough. I am who I am through my interactions with the people I mean, my small circle of family, my environment, society, where I was born in the world and finally through my own experience. I am who I am because who I decided to make myself. That said, even now… what religion, skin colour or where you live (and how much money you earn) is a large factor into creating the “who you are”. You may disregard many other aspects, but these three things influence our lives enormously. Some people are born with more at their disposal, some people call it luck… I prefer to call it circumstance. We aren’t all born with silver spoons in our mouths… but sometimes being born in a certain country can guarantee you certain things that being born in a country a mere 100km away can’t. It is up to us to face reality, to accept the cards we are dealt and do our best to make our life better.

Sacrifice is a word which has been used throughout history, but most of us are selfish and are not willing to give anything up in order to improve the lives of others. I don’t want to be of the latter. Which is why I chose history. I wanted to learn more about who everyone on this earth was about. I wanted to understand people in order to help and improve our present situation. It may be a unobtainable dream, but I was always told that you should always dream big. I dare to dream that everything can get better, and for everyone.

Our past however we choose to view it, influences who we are, respective if we believe it or not. The influence of the past is undeniable. That said, the reason why this quotation is so true is because on a personal level… maybe our friend¬†G.K. Chesterton is wrong… at least for me, but on a collective way he is right. Our collective past is everyone, in the way our towns are set up and organised… economically… commercially… sociologically… anthropologically… (and in every domaine, may it be food, sex, religious practices etc.)… If we don’t know why the world is like it is, or how we got to this particular point in time… then we are lost in our reality. How can you continue and live through life if you haven’t understood the past? Otherwise all our lives would be cyclical… we would continue to repeat old errors… forever in our own bubble.

I want to look into the past and understand my future. The motto for the past should be the one in the title. The motto for the present should be “Carpe Diem”. The Motto for the future should be “Amor Vincit Omnia”.

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Got Milk?


Got Milk?

This is silly really, I mean I have been in Stockholm for over a month and a half and I haven’t mentioned the Milk situation in Sweden. Before you say to yourself, “Well these Swedes aren’t strange, they must have milk there!” ¬†well of course you would be right, you can buy milk in Sweden… but for even the more seasoned traveller… purchasing this lactose drink can be hard…

It all comes down to our incapacity in understanding the language (of course) but also in our blind trust in packaging.

No really. Our trust in packaging. You see, if I see a “carton” shaped object… in the refrigerated section at the supermarket… and it says the word “mj√∂lk” in it… well to me that’s milk.

So you can understand my deception when the first (and depressingly second) time I ever bought milk here… happened to be some sort or stale or acidic milk/yoghurt. And let me add, you cannot add it to either tea or muesli. So in my opinion, I don’t understand what I can eat it with! Arghhh! But hey, I’m all for tasting new things, so I will find uses for it! That said, it doesn’t taste nice even by itself… so I’m not quite sure what i’d have to mix it with to make it tasty!

What is sort of funny about the situation, is that it has happened to every-single-erasmus student at least once! (and more embarrassingly, me twice). Well… at least you can say that while on my erasmus, I am still trying to “Get Milk!”


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Getting Your Hair Cut in Sweden…

Time Flies When You're...


= A Time Consuming Event!

This is how it all went down. For a joke, I entered the university competition to win… you guessed it, a free haircut! Woo for me! And.. of course, I won! Kodak moment right there right? Ha yes well alright then! My initial fears however were more concerned with how much hair I was going to part with. Now, don’t get my wrong, I like ROBYN’s music… it’s cool, it’s quirky and I can still sing along to the lyrics without sounding too shrill! BUT, and this is a pretty big “but” (note, the capital letters), she has very short, white blond hair… and on one side it’s shaved. I’ll agree it suites her “crazy Swedish” style thing she has going on, but… through the years, I’ve become quite attached to my hair and i really plan on having some left before I go back to France in January.

Anyhow. We had to meet up in front of the “Nobelhuset” building at 13:30. I was there. We were three winners and we were accompanied there by two on the organisers of the Student Union. Now, let’s say we arrived at… 14:15 right? When do you think we would have initially have finished? Now, we are all getting our hair cut at the same time… maybe… 15:30? Ok, maybe 16:00 max… I mean, that’s still about an hour and three quarters…

Well you would be wrong. By the time we left, it was… about 17:20! Now, that is a long time for a haircut! I swear to god, my backside was numb by the time we had finished! We were all pretty damn hungry by the end of that escapade (and I have to admit, I nearly feel asleep a couple of times I was so tired!) that we were all invited to Mcdonald’s for a greasy snack! I have to admit that I thought that gesture was very kind and I highly appreciated it! (Even though I am ashamed and embarrassed to admit that my digestive system didn’t quite enjoy the Happy Meal I had consumed as much as my taste-buds did!).

However, I am sure you are wondering why it took such a long time. Well, it was it was a hairdressing school… so for my part, every ten minutes she would stop to ask her teacher if what she was doing was ok… which… was annoying! But I’ll admit I’d prefer she did that instead of ¬†cut-cut-cutting away and me finding out I have been given a bowel cut of something as just as heinous. What I thought was slightly irritating was the fact that I couldn’t brush off the idea that I was wasting my time. I mean, in the time it took me to get my hair washed, cut, dyed and styled… I had just walked away with solely a hair cut.

But it was a good cut, and I’m very pleased I had it done. Of course that fact that it was free made it all better! I suppose in conclusion that if you want your hair cut in Sweden you should be prepared to spend the afternoon… and sacrifice feeling anything in your ass for a good half hour afterwards!


It's Hair-Cut Time!


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Where am I? Stockholm… is it awesome? YES IT IS!

More news soon, but now… is Swedish meatball time…

Photos √† venir! (Quand j’aurai acheter mon appareil photo hien!?)


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