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From the Country of Vikings, IKEA, Meatballs and Blondness…

Cafe Opera By Day...

Ok ok ok I know it… I have it’s true neglected to write here for a fair few time… and I regret that… truth is… I find it hard to find inspiration when I have fuck all to do. Really. I mean… I’ve been on holiday for about a month and a bit… and true I have been to few museums, countries and places in that space of time… but… some days i just (depressingly) spend my time in front of my computer watching movies and shit on tv. (fascinating I know).

So… new resolution. Will write everyday like I used to… and try and mix up my “blog writing music” too… there is only so much Rihanna/Kanye West that one can listen to without going mad (but I will say that the songs are mind numbing enough to block out external sounds… which really is a plus!

Mmm so, what’s new from Sweden? Lot’s of things. I also had my first meeting with a “mean Swede” and it went better than anyone could have hoped. I mean, I was in Malmö, lost and being not of Swedish persuasion, not able to read anything apart from “kafé” and “fika” and “muffin” which really isn’t useful. So since I really only had ten minutes to catch my train, I asked someone. I asked… a Swedish middle aged woman and her husband. BIG MISTAKE! OMFG the woman actually flipped out and started tutting and saying reallllllly loud “no no no no no no no no no NO I do NOT know! No no no no no no!” I was personally shocked, (and quite embarrassed). I mean… this is supposed to be a mild mannered woman, not the Hulk! I swear to you, she reminded me of David hasselhoff DRUNK! Not good!

Anyhow, in the end I ran around like a headless chicken for a while and found the place I was supposed to be (with a while two minutes to spare! BIG UP!)

Also, I ate some “typical” Swedish cakes… not tasty… not tasty at all! They were exceedingly dry for starters and the underlying taste of licorice wasn’t a pleasant accompaniment to my tea. I’m actually shuddering at the very thought of it!

This month has also been a very “party” orientated one too. I have been to so many parties, clubs… bars and what not that I truly have lost count! (but my bank account hasn’t that’s for sure!). I went to the over rated “Ice Bar” in Stockholm… fun… true but pfffff it’s not really all made ut of ice. Just the bar, sculptures and stuff. I mean the roof is like plastic or something. The price isn’t exactly cheap for what it is, but the drinks were delicious and well for 185kr it is a fun experience none the less.

And AT LAST hurray I went to “Cafe Opera” and they opened that really beautiful room they have (and it was worth it!). The drinks are as usual too expensive, and the people there a mix of old-chic and young-tarts… but hey. Fun nights!

I also went to the club “Fashing”… ha ha ha ha SUCH a waste of money! The music (gangster rap!) and the crowd present (boring and young) wasn’t that appealing… and for 140kr can go screw themselves. Arghhhhhh! However it was an “amazing club” if you’re into rap music and scantily clad women (and I’m being kind with the “scantily” part… I really wanted to use a more derogatory term…).

I also went to Copenhagen… we only spent three days there, but that was really enough to visit the city… I mean, I believe Stockholm is far better. It is far more fun here. More things to do. That said, there is this place in Copenhagen where drugs are legal… not much to say on that apart from it be it being really creepy and weird. arghhhhh

As usual, this time was spent meeting new, and really nice new people… which leads me to me next post…


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