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People are like apples

You're rotten, aren't you? It’s a bit of a cliché, but life really is like a tree. We all have roots and we all try and grow as strong as we can. There are storms that break our branches, our twigs fall and die, our leaves wither, we can bleed sap and we lose our leaves… some of are those leaves. We are blown this way and that, and we don’t where we end up, but we always land somewhere. As some people are the leaves, some of us are the branches, some are the trunks and some just never grow to full maturity. We are all the trees, but we are the apples that grow too. Some apples are the weakest link on the chain, because some of us are born not as pretty, not as shiny, and some of us start life seedless, or rotten on the inside. No apple is perfect. Neither are we.

We all aspire to grow and develop, have lives of our own, but some fall off the tree before they are given the chance to grow into their full potential. That’s sad. Some fall and die because of decease, and some fall off in the wind, because they feel as though they can no longer hold on to life. Some of us prefer to rot. They have that seed of possibility that every apple on the branch should have, but choose to let themselves rot, day by day. When these apples eventually fall off the tree, no one wants them. They’re thrown away, left to rot, alone.

Hope is the few seeds left inside the apple. They mean that even if you fuck up a bit, and fall off too early, there is still that possibility that one day you may regenerate, grow into a new tree,a stronger tree… new life.

I hope that we all choose to take that chance, use our opportunity to grow as strong as we can. Those who fall off the tree, those who let themselves rot to death and give up, realise what they are doing before they take that final battering by the wind and let go. Because all they end up as, are apples by the wayside, people look on, but you can’t eat a rotten apple, not only is it ugly on the inside, it’s ugly on the outside. It’s not appealing. And everyone knows you can’t fix a rotten apple. So you kick it aside and walk on. Especially if it’s rotten to the core, from the inside out.


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Read me!

  My friend “F” made this for me the other day. Makes me feel slightly less sad.





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When depressed and unhappy…

Yummy!Do like I do… order two expensive pizzas and eat them on your floor like a tramp, while listening to Nirvana and Billy Holiday.

Slashing your veins IS a possibility, but I already hate washing and hoovering the floor… so, out of respect for the people who have to clean homes and flats after murders and suicides, I’ve decided to drown my sorrows in copious mountains of slices of pizza’s with ridiculous names. These names vary… last night was quite a culinary “round trip” :

1) The Sydney, Quite a strange pizza since if I may, it had fuck all to do with what I imagine Sydney tasting like. Here was barbecue sauce, ground beef and onions… I don’t know what I thought Sydney would taste like…

2) London Bacon (apparently the london one needed to be specified… stupid really since there was not a “London Chicken” or anything, but hey, maybe they thought we eat bacon or something)… which is strange since we are nicknamed “Roast Beef” by the French… so being called “London Beef/London Roast” would technically made more sense… but who am I to know?

So… unless you think I made the wrong choice (pizza over suicide) I bid you good morrow!


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