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“He left his pain inside me”

My first try at a sonnet. I used the traditional english organisation “ABAB CDCD EFEF GG” and to complicate things, did it in Alexandrine (12/12).


If only I had known, I would never have gone,

How one look can change everything, and everyone,

Of course, he took his time, it didn’t take him long,

The alcohol was flowing, it’s never just one,


Oh, it look us one week, just one goddam week,

Many would say that the shit’s hit the fan, so true,

But I ran, I ran so blindly in, a loveless freak,

Gave me absolutely nothing, and as if on cue,


First came the pleasure, then the pain dripped down my cheeks,

Just like the blind, Searching for his heart, for his key,

He knew what he did, he left his pain inside me,

Open the door, if only he knew what he seeks,


I wish him only one thing, that with every breath,

When he sleeps, I’ll be inside, creeping in like death,







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