I though this page could be about about things I like and want to share with you! Nothing is taboo, so for those who are shy by nature… look away now!

1) I love Errol le Cain and Egon Schiele. Two, of many many many artists that I greatly appreciate. Errol le Cain was a famous illustrator who drew for many short stories, including many of the Brother Grimm tales. Schiele studied art under another of my favourite artists, Gustav Klint. His influence you can see clearly in Shieles art.

  • Here is a beautiful example of Errol Le Cains work : It is from “The Beauty and the Beast”

Beauty and the Beast

  • And here is my favourite painting by Egon Schiele :


2) I really love eating pick’n’mix sweets. I thought everyone should know that.

3) And I absolutely love hugging a really warm hot water bottle on my tummy while watching television in my pj’s!

4) Family. Now everyone who knows me is aware of my views on family. Sometimes friends are just better than the family you have. You can’t choose family, but you can choose to not be with them. So on that note I say, love the family you like, and the family that you don’t like? Forget them, you know I do!

5) Turning off my mobile phone. So yes, my phone is nearly always on… and in my pocket… but who doesn’t relish the times when you’re like, “argh fuck that, I’m turning my phone OFF this weekend”. It’s a pretty good feeling!

6) Not long ago I went in my first sauna. I have now discovered a love for them.

7) Sex. Should I say more?

8) Ice cream. I could eat it all day every day. I don’t discriminate with flavours. There is no racism in ice-cream, only pleasure.

9) The ballet. It’s beautiful and can make anyone shed a tear.

10) Great conversations. The sort of discussions that push you to want to learn, to want to be right but also to accept that you may (and will) be wrong!

11) Erik Satie is a beautiful composer and has written a lot of music for piano. His music is absolutely amazing and I never bore of his music!

12) Stockholm University Library. Now I know this sounds stupid, but I have to say, it is one of the best I have ever been too ! The chairs are comfortable, the books are generally good (well excluding the vast amount of Swedish ones of course!)

13) Erasmus. I’ve met so many new people, had so much fun… done and seen many new things, that I honestly feel blessed to have been lucky enough to have been able to take part on this exchange !

14) Klimt. I don’t need to say why do I ? He had pure talent.

Klimt – The Kiss


15) Music in general. It can transport you anywhere, change your mood.

16) Talking to random people on the bus/train. I have met the most interesting people, not to mention a crazy Korean guy on a 24 hour train journey from Toulouse to Rome where he decided to pull the emergency stop button! Why? I have no idea… he was just so exited! Ha ha ha!


2 responses to “Likes

  1. 9) I’ll have to agree with you. Discovered “La Bayadère” a few months ago, it was brilliant. And I’ll have to listen to some of Erik Satie’s compositions.
    Do you like Joe Cocker? “Now that the magic has gone” is my favourite song (ever). Never get tired of it.

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